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Success Build #4 (Feb 18, 2017 5:32:39 PM)

  1. Work on NAS-2380 and some added logging (commit: e16aacab4a102188f14d52c1aa81311e14eb845d) (detail)
  2. Uncommented bad logline in class in relation to NAS-2380 (commit: f470b9fb8c510dffa8a1cb58a3ce5d3742842c4d) (detail)
  3. More work on NAS-2380 (commit: 6780fe082fd7c690ebe0eacc7188b4c99a99bb6f) (detail)
  4. Added Viewerproxy logging (commit: 08d6df41cb9bee6a7e903680d14319f57722b17b) (detail)
  5. Fix for NAS-2416. And reregistering to the HarvestChannelRegistry, so (commit: d7dbc6ce5b88ee9597749affa24fbf8fc8d04ed8) (detail)
  6. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0-RC1 (commit: a38ff57cbf26eafa3c09d7a5dcf9f8c051c42264) (detail)
  7. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 6435ced4604e9f3eb586989275beaa72ac0f4b9a) (detail)
  8. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0-RC1 (commit: bba4975ab42a56d8221b0a5576de5f5154ecb62c) (detail)
  9. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 5.0-RC1 (commit: 0581dcb12c0d1b79113193594f7a97babde76824) (detail)
  10. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 5.0-RC1 (commit: 10fd7aab3e285f30762c1af99bd82fa5d16e4afd) (detail)
  11. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0-RC1 (commit: 3c9fd7b142c371075775df99891bd7a70d4e16e2) (detail)
  12. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 0377d069e244b3805a40901740271544e0e28260) (detail)
  13. Fixed NAS-2428. The H1 HeritrixLauncher now checks that the job contains (commit: 2efb14f09702245e9ccf2f71bd4376306725175c) (detail)
  14. Fixed NAS-2421. Now sets the harvestnamePrefix at job create time in the (commit: f13e750279a6588d4680e6356642605446d090a9) (detail)
  15. Follow-up from review of NAS-2421 (commit: 374eef5510f7271ecbe94490deaeda4abae71387) (detail)
  16. Removed some dead code (commit: ef52785095e4627812fb56368e1c0519286a6446) (detail)
  17. NAS-2429 It should be possible to define a default bundle zip in deploy: (commit: bad9a2839684de5e909e1a910b1b053f91bfa578) (detail)
  18. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0-RC2 (commit: 0acca18fd3b615adc4597894d7956bc037b3362e) (detail)
  19. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: f1a1ec6d29cefc49b5634d290082098ca5a781b2) (detail)
  20. Don't log when no crawlertraps to insert (commit: 0d879d32d50c744d8c03740da4801a2321352d2b) (detail)
  21. Remove System.out.println in (commit: 7693265105730df2551fd0e3752c85e7b0a2dd4b) (detail)
  22. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: 688564340fcb1c32180f2c7daeb1189ef8dbe2f1) (detail)
  23. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 1ed18660bf2195b2000b17d7b11198c02995e78f) (detail)
  24. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: d22b08393381abcb41303a9b24462efe14ae0395) (detail)
  25. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: cfccdece77c163d721f1188ec6ebb3e7d7744d80) (detail)
  26. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: eebd62b10a364d0c5fb194d429236edc6cad1bc0) (detail)
  27. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: bf2708b3682782b75a7aede26481d3275eaaeec0) (detail)
  28. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: f35e47b0527a9574df1d0e2f89a1684594a53ee0) (detail)
  29. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: 7990a21e4f3d44691a4b8f957713c85793599b15) (detail)
  30. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: dfb6f219eda116312bfd4d97d2742b74017decdf) (detail)
  31. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: d91b6e249675126f0807f9e1baf509b132ad9748) (detail)
  32. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: bdb906e39e929afe1cec7651d23e10bdeb0e3f9e) (detail)
  33. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.0 (commit: 0ce55bf802e998542063114ecec1f4e65965f0b6) (detail)
  34. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: ca8eef87408a29bbba553710a41b28a0b6f298d2) (detail)
  35. Update required version for ordertemplates table. (commit: 32c2c62b44d0f4c5e3edd7d02e36425fcd64c6f9) (detail)
  36. Added schmema updating for ordertemplates. (commit: eddab337a5640c6838d81d506c247dab3fe7f610) (detail)
  37. Replaced jetty 9.2 with jetty 6.1.26 (commit: 9d6470a6e16a77df517f27dfaf8d958e7ec9f1dc) (detail)
  38. Update template+dao classes to persist isActive attribute. (commit: 98a6f63e06cd74bbefa484436213401021992280) (detail)
  39. Added DAO methods to return only active or inactive templates. (commit: b344c91c7c89867dec5c2066d121009434204f8c) (detail)
  40. Backported code to java7, where jetty 6 still works (commit: 89cef909ef64b026d15bf4bbae8a312907d7791f) (detail)
  41. I8n for NAS-2466 (commit: b8954dd45dc8f94693c0b09e1c9b0a05e280f2ad) (detail)
  42. Implemented NAS-2470 (commit: f4251db98a31bfd54f99c384304080e7521847aa) (detail)
  43. Use of constant table name (follow up to NAS-2466) (commit: 36d285458d9d20c7b4d788f47b7e5311f880b1b8) (detail)
  44. Tentative fix for NAS-2474 (commit: 305be207b84e1592bed06d1545f6e8ca7abde6da) (detail)
  45. Implemented NAS-2473 (commit: 0c796be3580bfc451c8b7bf3de7794e8a1724880) (detail)
  46. Implemented NAS-2475 (commit: 853c7e8e4499d924bb9866add0a56558bb817bc6) (detail)
  47. Further code to implement NAS-2475 (commit: cdc5468b01a9fa34ae06e7e162b4f66d88020229) (detail)
  48. Follow-up of review of NAS-2419 (commit: 8fbeaf90fe876733f2e6a3f72bef934ccff4b63f) (detail)
  49. Follow-up after review of NAS-2475 (commit: 443393d94fb4fe899c689c643e2c8d28516bab4e) (detail)
  50. NAS-2473 review followup (commit: b4c548bdc9d06d83e545c4fb8a1230d6552f13c6) (detail)
  51. NAS-2468: Integrated EAV model for DomainConfiguration and (commit: 27d673bab7b62abcc432c87bb95d2b3c1d33eae4) (detail)
  52. Switch to a RC1 release of raptor-dbl. (commit: 9a32901d54912090b31384c7a12d3819369b08e1) (detail)
  53. Creating new heritrix3 in HarvesterSettings, and removed most settings (commit: 579fdb211a326e02f54d60bbbd2953313f921c96) (detail)
  54. replaced h1 classes with h3 classes as default heritrixLauncher and (commit: 8e3b37bcf02987365c43a55314a2d8f1c07877c9) (detail)
  55. Removing of useless duplicate .gitignore files. Added ignores to main (commit: 83cf7b99655fc117f4512091b6386ff1541ef250) (detail)
  56. NAS-2468: Database upgrade sql added for postgres and mysql. (commit: 9937483075439f24dbf4d1efafb5edf08e862137) (detail)
  57. Test-configuration changes to ensure consistent use of H1/H3 for the (commit: 5c6e91600a384e821f84997bcbc4a9f35f79d125) (detail)
  58. Added property keys to bundle for EAV. (commit: e3761c954ace7e4b41aa3d5edef44a4eee1c7f19) (detail)
  59. NAS-2468: Implemented an attribute and type list compare for use in the (commit: d41cf78cd65b554e3a7414d6de020abd66555416) (detail)
  60. Adding more logging to the globalCrawlertraps framework (and deletion of (commit: 3d85afaa5ce06152410aaedac9e7b71816b6c90b) (detail)
  61. NAS-2468 followup. Added javadoc and logging. Maybe exceptions should be (commit: 159f94c66a4b9ebe5cbca20740c7bc8329dcc7a7) (detail)
  62. Implemented changes discussed at todays teleconference. And logging when (commit: 9497b77aa32ec84e9289af26b1a73e2c7e45f385) (detail)
  63. Persisted the job after last changes in jobDispatcher. Add more logging (commit: ae8ecc0a6c17a28cafa591a534d94544b215d26c) (detail)
  64. Javadoc fixes, and one typo (commit: 65ee0489bad8609e6f0877f6f852e525d9a5fa38) (detail)
  65. NAS-2479: MetadataFileWriterWarc writes faulty digest headers no more. (commit: 25eaa43f8726bc8e6feb4665531418861df27e75) (detail)
  66. Fix NAS-2485 (commit: c91c9d7d60554950e90c751ff6434d36fcdf5f78) (detail)
  67. Implemented NAS-2484 - trivial (only logging involved) (commit: 7df0e130f28e56bc70a6a4c0320e7939d465e0b0) (detail)
  68. Update of NAS-2484 solution. Forgot the argument to the log statement (commit: 3796d0a8b2f9652a0b54b4d3f4d9e5344e2e1cb9) (detail)
  69. Finished work on Definitions-add-event-seeds.jsp; request processing (commit: 7f3c3f2fcfe3c00884126e23761df65f75764c9c) (detail)
  70. Finished with implementation of NAS-2483 (commit: 9e5ed4636bda726ef4cd0c9cea698d67743ed2e8) (detail)
  71. NAS-2483 review followup - added timestamp to configname in the event (commit: aee6467cccabac9c48c76a4eca5a3ea316002ca6) (detail)
  72. Final commit for NAS-2483 (I hope) (commit: f35b6467459a8fe925da6b9982d826cb47a18234) (detail)
  73. Fixed NAS-2481 - Initialized intVal and Val at the beginning of the loop (commit: 05771e407d61b77d955959480101cafa87b7202a) (detail)
  74. Followup to review of NAS-2481 (commit: 62ee5a8922b973b195e00eb792053a8a4ed54290) (detail)
  75. Added possibility for an absolute upper limit to configurations in a (commit: cc0ed77869173f054f570581dfe46dd8da06280b) (detail)
  76. Made the comparison of attribute lists order-independent. (commit: 4b0c630d0cfd36f71caa0ff79cfeadf9f0013062) (detail)
  77. Speculative new version of the comparator. (commit: 73c376f93ea95264cb50e78b97885bf98b029c82) (detail)
  78. Fixed new comparator and added a unit test for sorting. (commit: d8e3dd42e09f51fa90a47a54ad3843b053794937) (detail)
  79. Sanity test logging. (commit: a8dace13f95453a56608fd5ca13b069c1d0f9f41) (detail)
  80. Added logging of list before and after sorting to find out what's really (commit: 888caa9883f93899594a5326a443bca09911a239) (detail)
  81. Added logging to the comparator. (commit: 25589e3ad6936201503d594f36b4454c8748584d) (detail)
  82. Tidied up ready for review. (commit: f0068268209325983ef1092849bd94a5e55c2bbc) (detail)
  83. Follow-up on NAS-2499 - fixed to comply with TestEAV tests, (commit: 07a7398e0feb7f591d66f368730e59d1d322c6ae) (detail)
  84. NAS-2499 - fixed wrong sql statement (commit: ad9e10e6c9fb4eb5ad500f47e1902f0ac05e9615) (detail)
  85. Implemented NAS-2502 (commit: bdf52a2a0254e4bbd06dee8e2a77660e7ed843a3) (detail)
  86. Correct logging in NAS-2502 (commit: 74c5aa6bc92608f582786da01dc9bf192e5028e7) (detail)
  87. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.1 (commit: f51805bc89a303db2c60faab03e963fbb286fb07) (detail)
  88. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 36c410fbdaf6dc4b7d7710952fe7726df1773158) (detail)
  89. [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of netarchivesuite-5.1 (commit: 050c9a126f723bbd5221950e650f5a2147598575) (detail)
  90. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.1 (commit: cde61d78299cabccae6195908b81ef77c84a76b9) (detail)
  91. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 7dc126ab84d91d7e04f26fe69c72be533cfe095d) (detail)
  92. Implemented NAS-2510 (commit: 1e2f72a2e05b866cff32f1b74fb650e81a2acf15) (detail)
  93. Fixed NAS-2507 (commit: 6cae7090e74ac3ebd89fc2668752ff4878ca88ab) (detail)
  94. Fixed NAS-2480 - don't insert empty traps in our Heritrix templates (commit: 4eacf594ea33e434499987f7e8204bc8fbfa6153) (detail)
  95. Fixed NAS-2504 (commit: 45b458cb6efedd38b6eaaa63822d58b8af614029) (detail)
  96. Trivial logging changes. (commit: 0c370e1d7393740908fa225a2e4248ba9cd06053) (detail)
  97. Use embedded tomcat for GUI application instead of jetty. (commit: 5d775619b067ede5c1f20500149ec3d4d8f92cc3) (detail)
  98. Adding lib to handle SFTP (commit: 5f1f61d0fba4b37a70ffe281f65e969ce31f2ccf) (detail)
  99. Migrating (commit: 6c6ad0a350a300c743afe7fbb7aad4d4da3785cd) (detail)
  100. fixing issue (commit: 5c4f3534b9707636d8822581bd85b89fbd2b2d74) (detail)
  101. fixing in h1 and h3 issues #2 and #3 (commit: 1c98140feebea71b8c1463c1fa599f41928e549e) (detail)
  102. handle metadata prefixed file name in (for (commit: c2b3e6335faa37b953edf3fa2453f153a1e54f11) (detail)
  103. ending of the migration of metadata prefix naming for h1 and h3 (commit: 16fa8bb6573ddfa6ff34e923b74330e33b8b43db) (detail)
  104. adding metadata-outlinks parameter in all settings.xml (commit: 5f4d48b91cae1c6f7149f4ec10df86202aeca68c) (detail)
  105. Adding new tags metadataFileNameFormat and writeOutlinks in every (commit: 3f8c68d77c7adb7a5bede48bb0124ea1addc66bc) (detail)
  106. correction metadata and warc prefix naming convention (commit: 8ab9f3ad7375c7160c54ca4cf7e8e7a477a16e19) (detail)
  107. cleaning code (commit: 1981e219ad2e5e567678e0af3b243b50608305b8) (detail)
  108. correcting typo in comment in HarvestSettings (commit: b9109de5e2506c3e5b9e814c5f2d12c2cc810236) (detail)
  109. Tidied up various formatting problems. (commit: 5184eaa4fa1a3e3b0d6f9b621a041c6a5c529f15) (detail)
  110. fixing (commit: 12f96b00b70bff17fada180d2dce5a499df0f42d) (detail)
  111. NAS-2544 : DEFAULT_DATE.format replaced with (commit: b6ae2a9d502b3c36d0c5371efcc0e9ac4b152ae9) (detail)
  112. adding forgotten extension (arc|warc) in metadata file name with prefix (commit: b9ce6dc9d2432b04bbacca3f947e8acaa5843618) (detail)
  113. follow-up to review of NAS-2519, and work on NAS-2420 (commit: d12e279805bb9504e3325bbdbc99e30b72e7a680) (detail)
  114. Fixed NAS-2539 and refactored implementation of NAS-2530) (commit: 58b7d6049af613dfb7bb1d712818713310926f3d) (detail)
  115. Fixed NAS-2539 and refactored implementation of NAS-2530) part two (commit: 0712c066c8e17eb32cce6ff4751a1af2848d39cf) (detail)
  116. allow deduplication for ARC-Files in H3 (commit: 7d614d03c1bfb536dd5413ecd4276613a496972b) (detail)
  117. Update (commit: b4e5bae28b91d7828f5f2895cd32dcd2adc6a262) (detail)
  118. adding translation for some labels (commit: 37e5a236ff41106abd9c5fe01f1cb68e905c605f) (detail)
  119. Added some debug logging. (commit: 8a01b9b0b523271cd9b9e0abcdec3b710b224ff4) (detail)
  120. Implemented NAS-2550 (commit: e21ba2cfae5faba3e65720776166e24aa6d6d368) (detail)
  121. Some follow-ups to NAS-2550. Removed some unnecessary if-checks. Added (commit: da30a7059902f5138a1dae93d550ac01d07e7c93) (detail)
  122. More logging, (commit: 46785f573ab43e02aafe605e52cacac0b05c753a) (detail)
  123. Update (commit: 6a6d0d0a18c7f581f639435204be4ee7ad2f8eca) (detail)
  124. Update (commit: 59c95984a8e0b43495533c2de8d77856048609b1) (detail)
  125. Fix for NAS-2545: Don't enter empty values for optional fields into the (commit: 0117a35a119ca48779ba50a1b557e30160df13ed) (detail)
  126. NAS-2290 - fix dedup-workflow, so the origin contains the timestamp of (commit: 18d3e0807cdd00fa4d02b6b4d0cf47775f261707) (detail)
  127. Added more logging to RunningJobs classes. Removed requirement of JDK (commit: 640d8b3730cd7454dc9795c7d6fc18b28bf1b2b0) (detail)
  128. NAS-2539 - completed the fix by checking for XML validness in Global (commit: 5fc5c282f2b4162614f2a8030ea3bebb221e5003) (detail)
  129. adding two fields to search by job id (from job id to job id) (commit: 07d840348434fd210952fefe0be833f143d9408a) (detail)
  130. adding translations for the two new fields to search from job to job (commit: 32ae3dfd3c7dcd0f334dfd0f029140f30a52d6eb) (detail)
  131. correcting new field to search by job ids range (commit: 095fa0d383033545334f3e6601c2dd3ea64e4413) (detail)
  132. Removed invalid domain names when reading domains for snapshot harvest. (commit: 2862f9688a2cd8ab236519d17efe7c7dc5d16298) (detail)
  133. new search field for job : correcting db query (commit: b2967244bc3f30f6cc16ba578ebfccaf146f7d9b) (detail)
  134. correcting display of of value of field job id range + correcting (commit: 860cd1c0646105f180dd3847bef65f9cf47b4653) (detail)
  135. Added domainName validity tests on all lookups. (commit: 1d50ad2d653ec493b1d4cdcd768e5d5bd689c925) (detail)
  136. Possible further work to NAS-2550 - set header fields before writing (commit: a822972c5ae774447b047d4670954363463aca24) (detail)
  137. Further followups to NAS-2556 via (commit: abdf04a7e457f411b70a73296f1c7fbbad51ec6f) (detail)
  138. Forced better filename. (commit: d26f577fe4173666e427742a54ed6fa7a2ab5dfb) (detail)
  139. Follos ups to , (commit: ec6262414f55fde0773ca8387d0d46f32ffcfab5) (detail)
  140. Fixed output path for job charts for tomcat deploy. (commit: 233dd26e7c264205e85005bd76282062852fb403) (detail)
  141. correcting new search field (errors messages and labels) (commit: d0b8353e1dd907dac7c3139455161ab4e7cff0a0) (detail)
  142. Harveststatus-alljobs.jsp : display all status, and sorting desc by (commit: d7a66e102b35c161d30c883c67738638fdb7a7a9) (detail)
  143. Fix to NAS-2566 (commit: 0a8c4823f54a2b1fbccefeb9b94ab9fb4e68425e) (detail)
  144. NAS-2520: Functional implementation. Needs some more work though. (commit: ba6c84266efce68c7dc51dd4c4a0d8c16a201b90) (detail)
  145. Fix to NAS-2568 to make metadata filename pattern configurable. (commit: 2f054e8a32cf731864b8cdc2eb9779b79294309a) (detail)
  146. Removed snapshot dependencies. (commit: 733f397ccddb52cbfaec1c3dde357715ceac82a7) (detail)
  147. Enabled setting of metadata file version number. (commit: 4ab432f618d88c5944c25fac86ed483775e116c4) (detail)
  148. Fix to NAS-2555 (commit: d27e407c500cd6a3d998c370e201740ee47c55f6) (detail)
  149. NAS-2520: Groovy script package in harverster-core.jar. Partial crawllog (commit: 55bc3e73304ce047b6b7e9d9c7bed5be1b67547c) (detail)
  150. NAS-2520: Allow for the caching of more than one search results at a (commit: 86c6ccc62ce86451d70e10c96e4d0e7deea2a0be) (detail)
  151. NAS-2520: Crawllog search working. (commit: a8fba7223ab6adc2e9440277f00a06e51f69f8b9) (detail)
  152. NAS-2520: Added some layout to some of the pages. (commit: 925b285e7695bfbd4b112f0fa1f04ce4f96064ab) (detail)
  153. Added some logging to help diagnose some problems. (commit: 2cbd5fee97c80cd8cb17c1a503078444a3fbb9ad) (detail)
  154. Possible fix to NAS-2570 (jobs now have harvest_num starting with 1). (commit: 8a517d1077a379330e263d69885e1aa469c9e48b) (detail)
  155. H3 jobs overview changed to show job by channel. A config GUI page has (commit: b917c1566c923d36f0dc0406eb39e890606fe5f3) (detail)
  156. NAS-2520: Access to H3 reports. Limit on items retrieved from frontier (commit: 5459f32407417b0b552e1133319ce0a44da22f64) (detail)
  157. NAS-2520: Make implementation cleaner with respect to some minor (commit: 206de91a4b0fab2f4921eb400f4f3ca88881464c) (detail)
  158. Added default non-null value for missing setting. (commit: 0cfb30a441806a314b282370b1ba9fd89e673d3d) (detail)
  159. Fixed exception for default tmpdir. (commit: 203050262090a72173bd10f54a25ec06df1f9a49) (detail)
  160. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.2 (commit: f711a23f1f6efce89d29a0e117932d28fc22042f) (detail)
  161. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 6a85158141d22340a7c96f4b96efaa9b40cda306) (detail)
  162. NAS-2520: Added some I18N support to the servlet class and some of the (commit: e5ee10c0bf287fa5915e12a36027896543b28376) (detail)
  163. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.2.1 (commit: 67e8ca1be52d70ef2152b60e7fd2a29448a68ec6) (detail)
  164. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 5673665f0279cbbdc3d5424dd6423402205224ac) (detail)
  165. NAS-2520: Made H3 monitor more resistant to race conditions. Prepared (commit: b114a477827b1f4e4a1287f7f0059706df7f1f07) (detail)
  166. Enable programmatic disabling of deduplication. (commit: 1b893ff86d2b80b00ed632cfe886c99d48e29286) (detail)
  167. Set enable/disable deduplication in hopefully the right place this time. (commit: 047fe3ab04e6e418b3f09e21152418f4c128293e) (detail)
  168. Made dedup template detection less fragile. (commit: 1596f3a6c54c199d97a02154f40e1ac7c8d5c37a) (detail)
  169. Fixed regex checking of dedup enabled. (commit: 9a3c5037867622b81c6a4b801208123f130502b8) (detail)
  170. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release netarchivesuite-5.2.2 (commit: 86df93186cc364d1486a21cc60158a1eed03f1bf) (detail)
  171. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 5cc04b8c74f61c020e33b1dd85a573a83dc5d831) (detail)
  172. Fixed regex checking of dedup enabled. (commit: 5df10769c1628b7627430475084fa62c681e8ad5) (detail)
  173. Partial implementation. (commit: d42dabddbfb0de58697a4b1f06cdc6095863ff98) (detail)
  174. Fixed handling of multiple replicas, plus logging and special cases. (commit: 5a45eb18ff0e7bfd00d22af8c6afd5ee087c1a87) (detail)
Changes in dependency
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  2. NetarchiveSuite - test utils Success#3Success#4 (detail)
  3. NetarchiveSuite - common - test Success#3Success#4 (detail)
  4. NetarchiveSuite - heritrix1 frontier Success#3Success#4 (detail)
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