#670 (Sep 18, 2018 9:57:21 AM)

  1. Removed debugging funtionality and fixed documentation. (commit: c93b099696f9b8797a350d104382ab9431d35d80) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb

#669 (Sep 18, 2018 9:37:03 AM)

  1. Replaced orderxml with one similar to that in the release test package. (commit: d90793b6e4a577c19161d1e35df673dd389d1fc4) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  2. Removed risky space in crawl annotation. (commit: cdbe86ed8e2a30328e14f446ede82d0f0e71458f) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb

#668 (Sep 17, 2018 2:47:41 PM)

  1. Added heritrix queue name as an annotation in crawl log. (commit: adbf73a60381402c10c6a5a5ff9e3ccba5d49b68) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb

#667 (Sep 17, 2018 2:11:56 PM)

  1. Make sure that "replacement" template in system test uses our NAS queue (commit: 42304254cb18ad186448879a1443894e077ad761) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb

#666 (Sep 17, 2018 1:12:16 PM)

  1. Missing placeholder in list to be removed (commit: 2b3e124cff669fb57b4a753b7bc22de901890f81) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb

#665 (Sep 17, 2018 12:40:30 PM)

  1. Quick experiment with adding queuename to crawl log. (commit: 41185d273ae79d51d9771dd89bc0353b57419021) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb

#664 (Sep 13, 2018 11:16:29 AM)

  1. Added the two new HaCos to the expected application set (commit: 8081621d9ecfb8c7536ae25a75fdd5c142481153) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb

#663 (Sep 13, 2018 9:53:07 AM)

  1. NAS-2642: Initial refactoring by making a new method (commit: c18f2fb56f53d39e18d47d52cad9732499c23c7b) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  2. NAS-2642: Further refactoring by making a new method (commit: 7dd06f09a801fdafbb1af4cd5fe78ebcf7dda0cd) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  3. NAS-2642: Refactored a bit more, so it is more clear what actually (commit: 0d48f1f9b972f6a2f79a3ef2f0153725a4db4ed1) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  4. NAS-2642: An error occured during the refactoring, so a change has been (commit: 3bccf92de081721e23396c1dd668f2933583bc60) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  5. NAS-2642: Starting to transfer parameters from crawlog_list to (commit: 5a8b77443d18d41d9e43692a4085058000640d77) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  6. NAS-2642: Introducing solution from crawllog (commit: ec8de15ddcdda967de9506c9fbbeddf9c0360c30) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  7. NAS-2642: Inserted test in content (commit: 09fa77e93bd5be3ed1af16768a88f9a2c9312282) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  8. NAS-2642: Inserted test in content (commit: 37a2837b950cbe5c724b6d632ec18f336b0d1aad) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  9. NAS-2642: The pagenumber gets printed as a test (commit: 13374c697cc91b42828cb290afd2b1f54a60ec4b) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  10. NAS-2642: Attempt to only show the specified number of URI's in a first (commit: 264b37c0f9c462bc3c9c1ccf7ca66d2a0e7f67f2) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  11. NAS-2642: Inform about the pagenumber and pagesize (commit: 808750e6c68822c36b1a13c91e81d737601d0ca4) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  12. NAS-2642: Another try to print the pageinformation (commit: 4c4934ebb3bf6d79933f9933507d3e2229fc355c) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  13. NAS-2642: Another step towards pagination (commit: 71a625b191696a1f89d7b0adaeb84d7332bc0a74) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  14. NAS-2642: Removed adding the pagination to the content variable (commit: 5e837d9bc837fec784f2f0ed5d496f75fdc97475) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  15. NAS-2642: Further test regarding pagination (commit: 2e6ef02e3ca7ae04d977b6bdfacd79806c3e9b86) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  16. NAS-2642: Itemnumber gets printed as test (commit: 9b7080ef8c569486f4802cd3acab378ad2acf3d9) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  17. NAS-2642: Another attempt in the pagination process - this time going (commit: cb5cfe520a508446011a245c5d6abcd852155730) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  18. NAS-2642: Another attempt to reestablish the normal state (commit: 7c59382032ee2b51f51babdbccc6f8a971da2d62) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  19. NAS-2642: Another try to reestablish working code (commit: d2054ed9c10397d8bb73f8eb00299ae78edea34c) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  20. NAS-2642: Another attempt (commit: f37a5c012edab29d18aaa40a456eba80d6291b21) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  21. NAS-2642: The first page * 50 items are skipped (commit: 48c803483cf805a24675fc7773c79e00ce7c6062) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  22. NAS-2642: Implemented two further parameters in listFrontier (commit: 9ffa0dd113c488c3347989510ac9b88034cbff6f) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  23. NAS-2642: Extracted pagination method variables to class variables so (commit: c8279b7fb2383ea79b8be8eaa5885d78486215cc) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  24. NAS-2642: Reduced the pagesize to 100 (commit: 8206c14fd2d797e45f11542b2deff4a75a055346) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  25. NAS-2642: Reversed extraction (commit: bc550ea31f7e354eb1fcf06500226153921cddd7) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  26. NAS-2642: The first 25 URIs get skipped (commit: d43c013a4d78bcde1a5829ce88c642b2134c7b49) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  27. NAS-2642: Another content is displayed, so the number of pages differs (commit: 24c976a2a05fae05c3a4dfa0ab762f89d38c15ab) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  28. NAS-2642: Generate frontier paged lines (commit: 2da387ec3ba265bd04180176058d4aedc6b3ca30) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  29. NAS-2642: Refactored (commit: 652691702c2931a626ead551f4ad02d6c5eae1cc) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  30. NAS-2642: Frontier site divides the number of pending URIs up in pages (commit: bbfdf603e6e4dbd9b7dc9db6e650d91081c5d2f6) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  31. NAS-2642: Information about page and number of pages  is displayed (commit: 5d53c44db183a99c98413cb0db8abd077a511d07) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  32. NAS-2642: More information (commit: f374b3b536c59bf0b8b5acea42cd7e7431f6d879) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  33. NAS-2642: Changed displayed order of information (commit: e7db5ce85bdf9564d4a5d21eb2575e91913bb6dc) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  34. NAS-2642: Page is set to 2 (commit: 34ef4a90bd0e0141e63736e488c8c14e4cdccf51) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  35. NAS-2642: Further information displayed (commit: e6883f0f3d0e1389145b7e6905631cc2da8f4850) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  36. NAS-2642: Further information displayed (commit: 4bfdcf1a95f9c7c370e6c3921ab83c73bee76d4d) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  37. NAS-2642:  Deleted check on linesPerPage (commit: c3aae2b935bf5c3a61723479ae3b74e9c9707159) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  38. NAS-2642:  Back to the old method (commit: f9d406f2ff71c9d57c8321f4e330a0cc9e5c7414) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  39. NAS-2642:  Displaying test information (commit: bedfbdfb3f78326b0eb3532d3376ccf52186ed86) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  40. NAS-2642:  totalCachedSize and totalCachedLines are now set to correct (commit: 79d97e5d9f724a10bb6fe356e7ff04cd94379592) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  41. NAS-2642: The number of the pending URIs is put in the html-string (commit: 5d216d7386b96e5eaa9501f1feb2793b37700149) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  42. NAS-2642: The number of lines is now determined by pending uris matching (commit: 8a63cb92c8e78de31fda85091bdb8f01d28c666a) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  43. NAS-2642: Since it is necessary to walk through all pending URIs to find (commit: b2985d8e1e3332f05c6986679847a26b3fa7fc70) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  44. NAS-2642: Display  testinformation (commit: 1d04b0abe0b100c2671d04b961a9e3a9fc72e32f) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  45. NAS-2642: More testinformation (commit: ee798e72a5b50737b7bb28af9e9257599e6f249e) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  46. NAS-2642: More testinformation (commit: 89aa62a446d19b8200742009b30cc39879bce41e) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  47. NAS-2642: Variable transformation (commit: 3b16fb3f5301f8e1c02abfc2a9526e32a209e635) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  48. NAS-2642: Testinformation (commit: 903feadf9049848cb0c2532c07fd336c5fdef25e) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  49. NAS-2642: Testinformation (commit: 1b66e72e3761664841a52e8f68d478c78669a74b) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  50. NAS-2642: Now the string is split by # (commit: b481df4a687b6e7877b1724668ddab50d8e0d1bd) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  51. NAS-2642: Now the string is split by ½ instead (commit: 9cc5334b7abda8ef97456fc64f10337cbcc71174) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  52. NAS-2642: Testinformation (commit: a82f72b2b4cf611787a26243c0a0c3f06859f86b) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  53. NAS-2642: Delimiter is now 'Matching count:' (commit: 63e076a2a26168ad80f5a981c19215169e8ba458) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  54. NAS-2642: The number of lines is now found in the result of listFrontier (commit: 8400fca7eb774ceb6f2f5c3d27431d6e533d074f) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  55. NAS-2642: Variable introduced for test purposes (commit: 4d9a1e224e16b7d476c914335fd75ad3f5605a6d) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  56. NAS-2642: Regular expression is used to find the number of lines that (commit: 97033ed8029891b3f443211560fea4038b93b4bd) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  57. NAS-2642: Introducing another test variable (commit: 46e33b5486cc47c12aa055f738b6affc96e3c7e3) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  58. NAS-2642: The total number of lines are found in the groovy script and (commit: bcbcc16c7a254379629514b0919cde38e2d90eba) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  59. NAS-2642: Parselong used rather than getlong (commit: 437ee829aff6a0cfdb29f2b3beb9ddcbeea9a7a8) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  60. NAS-2642: Testvariable (commit: 7c77dca6a8211f9687ccb7317e369b12a6ea18b3) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  61. NAS-2642: Introduced exception (commit: e435a663520abcc0aeaf0888813ee5c7431966ca) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  62. NAS-2642: Changed page number extraction and removed the first while (commit: 6e8a88e4e3544127f6cb277c39a7100dc78510e0) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  63. NAS-2642: Changed the extraction back again (commit: 7a954e1ef2dbd87fad2fde04f6ae64f13847b53e) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  64. NAS-2642: Changed page number extraction to use pattern matching instead (commit: ecea3df1fc0a28911b30e5978092076d72d5d952) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  65. NAS-2642: Default page value is "1" instead of null (commit: dfb2eb2106d62002edd18625cc185d08b9f7a738) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  66. NAS-2642: listFrontier in nas.groovy is now called with the page number (commit: 71af0dc430eb618b8af7af3e6a7b648e29cbf255) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  67. NAS-2642: totalCachedLines is extracted from the start fo scriptResult (commit: 7d3c32cc777f74d74d16ceb1d6d80d1fb8311c23) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  68. NAS-2642: Back to the version which call listFrontier where the page (commit: d375d5e16dcb9f72c65d9aa591f96394ac84df2c) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  69. NAS-2642: Inserted code from master in crawllog to get the correct (commit: ceda67e9995347f74405dc101d5b5d09a8f823fa) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  70. NAS-2642: Refactored a bit again (commit: dd1bdf6a2a93bcb6d74521d3305565abfe68174b) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  71. NAS-2642: Refactored a bit (commit: a1bd0969d777e53e578f9032a9c4adeec7e425fb) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  72. NAS-2642: Pagestring replaces regexstring (commit: 2417c3e23baa3e3a79bf0ed89379dd8b3eb265de) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  73. NAS-2642: Crawllog gave an excep so going back to the old code (commit: c859a8447c4d5fc8d0b980c8c25c80379cc633b2) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  74. NAS-2642: Default pagesize of 100 is no longer assigned every time a (commit: 6d2d252cc69c580a11f8c68c21668f4a53ea24b2) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  75. NAS-2642: Pagesize will now no longer change to default when another (commit: f4a9fb878f93eb1e7f134f3612ae58e0fed83758) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  76. NAS-2642: Both frontier and crawllog now uses same method to find the (commit: 6c324736555c438090dd6f0d137a62332e182ac3) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  77. NAS-2642: Changed the groovy script to accept three parameters (commit: 624a608417f75330a52e7e35c7325c4c1a490d08) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  78. NAS-2642: Ready for review (commit: f2548eabfde7c09f3e6d69ff3f1e05607f756fab) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  79. Work on NAS-2646 . Trying to merge jacoco reports into one single report (commit: 72d378b14db38f2167fc8e4cebd080e49cd1351c) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  80. Fix NAS-2648 - support for crawllogs with old duplicate annotations (commit: eb12cd45edf014753cf507623a03e38d2f120a50) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  81. NARK-1388 NAS-2648 - forgot to change the pattern itself :( (commit: 559ee68d9ea5f61e4935f999101d3606022393f9) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  82. H3 monitor review follow-up and cleanup. (commit: 3145dee3bf60eca7386546ab8ea05a1815921b14) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  83. Added a TODO! (commit: 2978a1f0ba9d8b82ff5f30c699e3574ec0221df2) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  84. Adding LICENSELICENSE.txt as requested by Mick Hucka (commit: 5a891dbce9be97aa474d9c14cbb5bb4e784ae01b) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  85. NAS-2641: Pagination now supports additional parameters in the page (commit: e5fe66e3bbb01cde1fe779db8447d812862f06e4) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  86. Disabling very slow test: (commit: f6026bfa76d0be8bc8e79eee50e7de066391a030) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  87. Added pom.xml.versionsBackup to .gitignore (commit: 4a605d4524e6d92f58363089bddb18e69c5c212f) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  88. Ignoring pom.xml.versionsBackup (commit: 9a7dfc4360426cf681eeecca2efb765a6ee4b47e) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  89. Work on NAS-2646 - also moved some tests from archive-test module to (commit: 5ac577a794e52d8ccf05e6acf88fda074a8d0fa1) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  90. Work on NAS-2646 - removed a lot @Ignore clauses in the archive-test (commit: 7ccd47224a522e7a69f3081873fe11a89d216224) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  91. Work on NAS-2646 - more enabling of disabled tests (commit: 81319d8bd40f104135ba28e43d41ff2ae42a0dae) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  92. Work on NAS-2646 - some cleanup in the monitor modules. moved most tests (commit: a01a37adfe08f5b0ca8ffb801fa373d08485fb28) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  93. Work on NAS-2646 - some cleanup in the common-test module (commit: ce9cecbed9a8eb01b3f15d809ae13877b6870aa2) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  94. Work on NAS-2646 - ignored test failing in travis (commit: af559f5a8283bc69f123ae48e729822b54f6ea29) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  95. A script to redeply NAS from either inside or outside vagrant (commit: bfa002780fa66dcf25b4876a018a5e39d5f27461) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  96. Less verbose on redeploy (commit: 437d1e8608468cdeb40b7019183a520668f7d6a7) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  97. Fixed $USER (commit: 32408dd451e27fadbc519cc15f88d28db1935660) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  98. NAS-2674 - add a notification, in case of channel mismatch (commit: 5b44611c9196aa3efdf7c7d3ce25a0197091699c) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  99. Changed bitarkiv 015 to 01 in test setup (commit: efc0a6dfdc1598571c667e71e4d206bf4ff265f7) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  100. Fixed case-sensitive hostname!!! (commit: 4a38128893bef039c16e2f0e94f4fd0269c85b63) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  101. Removed duplicate dependency 'javax.inject' in pom.xml (commit: 85b9f2efea9f5f2b7126bbef78b3e943f796ee77) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  102. NAS-2793 When a harvest dispatches a job the jobs channel name is (commit: 480788f4ac7577352c6bacac8d615397dc309f34) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  103. NAS-2793 Edited a comment (commit: 5f173988c01413be5cc83723f406d8d0bd0d4ed4) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  104. NAS-2793 Made two new parameters instead of hardcoding the rabbitmq url (commit: 35c7c05a53fe72a4f9563135c026429ee7809b3d) — Knud Åge Hansen (kaah) / githubweb
  105. Modified umbra integration to read from settings. (commit: 8326733965b9d866098023d2f44ba5f0feedbb7d) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  106. Changed logic to enable umbra harvesting for any job channel with (commit: 3142070a60377af46f763c1dd6b8c7cc34284c07) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  107. Made clientId for umbra jobs thoroughly unique. (commit: bc8e9b968f56f0a7b1f3abcaee0fe2970570497b) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  108. Fixed bug in substituting placeholders. (commit: 986eed33f0b87f5212988bc657922eede12e218e) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  109. Added necessary new.lines to the spring overrides. (commit: 6c4a5a141dd1232aec479209efab3083c2023f49) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  110. Added todo for moving umbra-inserts to HarvestController. (commit: 1b842d4f62dc83bf4625c04e2f69ba64cbc318d8) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  111. Refactor to put umbra config in HarvestControllers. (commit: 20a34fadd2bf8477c0b7d6e599028fed00dbaf49) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  112. bugfix (commit: 7dd32e0152840c0ee21477fbd0f938f1cc1fbaf4) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  113. typo (commit: d2fdf43a594ecea80d13e83b22deeeaeb3266d28) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  114. Tidied up logic and removed superfluous after-check. (commit: 015faf6176ec5789ee14927e6a0f6b05567b5def) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  115. Added validity checks on settings + logging. (commit: f3218e5a85784ee51232d3f9fe1505f9d57673db) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  116. Fix to NAS-2794 - correct queue assignment when url scheme is missing (commit: a37f279f48e0caf3cb1c878f2949ef68cebfd474) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  117. Rebuilt complete settings. (commit: 979750a2eeeba13b56e67c5b7cba0d572c35baf4) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  118. Rebuilt complete settings. (again) (commit: 923ca6897a8f9d2528317352d75d15ee39e86536) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  119. Escaped string values in xml attributes. (commit: b7a5200732c75658bfc7ae5f54fbfb24c55bacea) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  120. Code Review follow-ups (commit: aeb3ed31820e38a4a8e20822b20a2dd9ce831a5f) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  121. Redirect output for debugging (commit: 3dad6f499de74a436eeaa0d4e6350f548ed6ef78) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  122. typo (commit: f4391b70371c8de1413e261f14e83c5f86d0b66a) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  123. Added umbra beans to template uploaded in SystemTest. (commit: a0253de317e357f46bb3f7adfdbc22fb806505e6) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb
  124. Added timestamp to SystemTest logfile. (commit: fae52dbfcfcaaa71eef0e86f9d8cfd43e24315ea) — Colin Rosenthal (csr) / githubweb