Load statistics: master

Timespan: Short Medium Long
Load statistics keep track of three key metrics of resource utilization:
Total number of executors
For a computer, this is the number of executors that the computer has. For a label, this is the sum of all executors across all computers in this label. For the entire Jenkins, this is the sum of all executors across all computers in this Jenkins installation. Other than configuration changes, this value can also change when slaves go offline.
Number of busy executors
This line tracks the number of executors (among the executors counted above) that are carrying out builds. The ratio of this to the total number of executors gives you the resource utilization. If all your executors are busy for a prolonged period of time, consider adding more computers to your Jenkins cluster.
Queue length
This is the number of jobs that are in the build queue, waiting for an available executor (of this computer, of this label, or in this Jenkins, respectively.) This doesnt include jobs that are in the quiet period, nor does it include jobs that are in the queue because earlier builds are still in progress. If this line ever goes above 0, that means your Jenkins will run more builds by adding more computers.
The graph is exponential moving average of periodically collected data values. 3 timespans are updated every 10 seconds, 1 minute, and 1 hour respectively.