Check that the modularisation of the software allows for separate installation of the components.





needs the following deploy configurations: deploy_config_arcrepository.xml, deploy_config_harvester.xml, deploy_config_viewerproxy.xml



Start a Pure ArcRepository (default config with the harvester-apps deleted)


export TESTX=TEST9
export PORT=807?
export deploy_config_arcrepository.xml 


Check that the ArcRepository is Running

Go into the GUI at$PORT/BitPreservation . There should only be two site sections in the leftmost menu.

Click on "Bitpreservation" and update all flilelists and checksums. There should be no errors.

Click "System State" and check that there are no warnings or errors.

Upload a File to the ArcRepository

On devel@kb-test-adm-001:

export TESTX=TEST9
scp /tmp
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$HOME/$TESTX/lib/netarchivesuite-archive-core.jar
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$HOME/$TESTX/lib/netarchivesuite-monitor-core.jar
java -Ddk.netarkivet.settings.file=$HOME/$TESTX/conf/settings_ArcRepositoryApplication.xml -Dsettings.common.applicationInstanceId=upload /tmp/ 

Run a Batch Job

[This step is deprecated - csr] Download a Record from the ArcRepository

On kb-test-adm-001:

export TESTX=TEST9
mkdir /tmp/$TESTX 
cd /tmp/$TESTX
scp -r .
mkdir test-index
cd test-index
tar -xjf ../1-cache.tar.bz2
java -Ddk.netarkivet.settings.file=$HOME/$TESTX/conf/settings_ArcRepositoryApplication.xml -Dsettings.common.applicationInstanceId=record /tmp/$TESTX/test-index > x.pdf

Check that the file x.pdf contains an http header followed by a pdf.

Cleanup the ArcRepository


Install a Pure Harvester

On deploy_config_harvester.xml

Check that the web GUI shows sections for Harvest Definition, History, and Status and that the Status section shows no obvious errors.

Create a Pseudo-Cache for Job 1


On netarkiv@sb-test-har-001:

export TESTX=TEST9
scp /tmp
mkdir -p cache
cd cache
mkdir -p TrivialJobIndexCache
cd TrivialJobIndexCache

# extract 1-cache.tar.bz2 into dummy-cache
mkdir -p dummy-cache
cd dummy-cache
tar -xjf /tmp/1-cache.tar.bz2
cd $HOME/$TESTX/cache/TrivialJobIndexCache

# make symbolic links to the dummy index
# adds the possibility for running more than one job  
export ID="empty 1 2 3 4 "

for num in $ID
  ln -vs dummy-cache $num-DEDUP_CRAWL_LOG-cache

Perform a Harvest

Define and perform a harvest of with a 5MB limit.

Check the Harvest

There should be at least two warcfiles in$TESTX/localarchive .

Shutdown the Test

On kb-prod-udv-001:

Start a Pure Viewerproxy

On kb-prod-udv-001: deploy_config_viewerproxy.xml

Ignore errors during the database-setup process. The pure ViewerProxy doesn't use or need a database.

Add Some Date to the Viewerproxy

On kb-test-acs-001:

export TESTX=TEST9
mkdir -p $HOME/$TESTX/cache/TrivialJobIndexCache/1-FULL_CRAWL_LOG-cache/
scp $HOME/$TESTX/cache/TrivialJobIndexCache/1-FULL_CRAWL_LOG-cache/
cd $HOME/$TESTX/cache/TrivialJobIndexCache/1-FULL_CRAWL_LOG-cache/
tar -xjf 1-cache.tar.bz2
mkdir -p localarchive/
cd localarchive/
scp* .

Test that the Viewerproxy Works

On kb-prod-udv-001:

wget --execute "http_proxy =$PORT" "http://netarchivesuite.viewerproxy.invalid/changeIndex?jobID=1&label=dummy&returnURL=http://localhost"

(Ignore the 404 error)

wget --execute "http_proxy =$PORT" ""

Check that this downloads a file which shows the frontpage of

Close Down the Test