JWAT-Tools commandline description.

During the development of the JWAT library it has proved useful to test the library with varying input data.

To this end a small commandline tool was created.


The tool is currently hosted on bitbucket. Zip archives are also available.



The following options are currently available in JWAT-Tools.

JWATTools v0.1.0
usage: JWATTools [-dte] [file ...]
 -t   test validity of ARC, WARC and/or GZip file(s)
 -e   show errors
 -d   decompress
 -r   recursive

You can supply one or more files. Each file can contain * and/or ? wildcards, but only in the filename part of the path. You can use more wildcards at the same time if you want.


Reads and validates all the files supplied. Files which are not recognized as either GZip, ARC or WARC are skipped. If wildcards are used, files that do not match are also skipped.

Use -e for more than a summary of errors.