Defines the tests need to pass for a full Bitrepository system to be accepted.

Note that the tests found here tests a preconfigured system, and does not explore all the different configuration possibilities for a Bit repository system. Neither are all the interactions possible for individual component tested. Special finegrained tests are instead performed in the automatic component tests. 



The tests are part of the suite of general tests which should be run in the following case:

  • Release test (Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)): Used to test release candidates in the integration before they are release officially.
  • Deployment test (Site Acceptance Test (SAT)): Used to verify that system works currently in the (production) environment.

The tests assume a fully deployed Bitrepository system is deployed with a single collection, at least 2 pillars and all reference services. The Webclient and command line client are used to perform the tests.