Maven is a state-of-the-art Java build system replacing Ant.



Use apt-get or similar


See the Maven installation guide

See SBForge parent pom site for details (select the relevant version).



See the M2Eclipse plugin.

SBForge Nexus

The SBForge provides a Nexus Repository Manager for sharing SBForge artifacts. Nexus also aggregates artifacts and repositories. See the SBForge Repository overview for details.

Using Nexus

If you wish to access the artifacts found in the SBForge MAven repository include the following section in your project pom:


If you wish to access the plugins found in the SBForge Maven repository include the following section in your project pom:


Adding SBProjects Nexus to settings.xml

If you need to deploy to SBForge Nexus you need to specify specify your credentials in the ~/.m2/settings.xml file as show here: settings.xml. You can encrypt the password as described here: Password Encryption.

If you already have an exist settings.xml file, you should merge the contents of the downloaded file into the existing settings.xml by hand.

SBForge parent pom

To use the SBForge specific configurations include the SBForge parent pom in your project pom:


The pom includes:

See SBForge-parent site for details and newest version.