The NetarchiveSuite software was originally developed by the two national deposit libraries in Denmark, The Royal Library (KB) and The State and University Library (SB), and has been running in production, harvesting the Danish web since 2005. The National Library of France (BnF) and the National Library of Austria (ONB) joined the project in 2008. NetarchiveSuite is also used by the National Library of Spain (BNE).

The NetarchiveSuite is a complete web archiving software package developed from 2004 and onwards. The primary function of the NetarchiveSuite is to plan, schedule and run web harvests of parts of the Internet. It scales to a wide range of tasks, from small, thematic harvests (e.g. related to special events, or special domains) to harvesting and archiving the content of an entire national domain. The software has built-in bit preservation functionality. The systems architecture allows for the software to be distributed among several machines, possibly on more than one geographical location. The NetarchiveSuite is built around the Heritrix web crawler, which it uses to harvest the web.

To get started with NetarchiveSuite, download it and try it out with our Quick Start installation setup, which only requires one standard Linux machine.

The software is released with full source under the LGPL license.


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