The commandline client is a commandline tool for using the reference clients.

It currently supports the operations GetFile, GetFileIDs, GetChecksums, PutFile, DeleteFile and ReplaceFile.


Requires java 8 and perl is install to run on Linux and Mac.

Requires java8 to run on Windows. 

Download the chosen version of the bitrepository-command-line-XXX-distributed.tar.gz from here (XXX refers to the version): The latest devel client can be found here

Unpack the file in any wanted location, eg. 

tar -xvf bitrepository-command-line-XXX-distributed.tar.gz

It requires a 'conf' sub-directory to the installation which contain all the settings, etc. for the setup of the collection. This can be done in either of the two ways:


If secure communication is used for this bit repository, a client certificate needs to be define. In this case the client expects to find a certificate name client-certificate.pem in the conf folder. Either name the certificate client-certificate.pem  directly or create a symlink to the certificate.


The different commands can be run with the script (bitmag.cmd on windows). Eg. 

./ get-checksums -c test1

Will fetch the checksums for the test1 collection.


Retrieves a file. It takes the following arguments:


Get the list of files in a collection '' command. It takes the following arguments:


Lists the checksum for the files in the indicated collection. It takes the following arguments:


Puts a file into a collection. It takes the following arguments:


Deletes a file in the bitrepository. It takes the following arguments:


Replaces a file in the bitrepository with the provided file. It takes the following arguments: