With the upgrade of Fisheye to 2.7.4 it is now possible to create GIT repositories directly in SBForge. This means we can now provide git repo hosting in addition to the good old Subversion repositories. 

Continuous building and testing (Continuous Integration) is now available on SBForge through the SBForge Jenkins server.

The SBForge platform now has a Subversion repository available connected to the same SSO as the other applications. See Subversion wiki for further details.

Nexus is now available on SBForge.

Sonar ready

Sonar is available on SBForge.

The site has now been opened to the world. This means that the OS projects which have been running on the internal test server at has been migrated to this production server. All the application have been upgraded to the newest versions at the same time.

The following application are still pending migration: