A full functional release candidate for NetarchiveSuite 5.0 is now ready. The NetarchiveSuite 5.0-RC1 has been somewhat tested and no major (known) bugs remain.


The major changes are:

  •  Heritrix 3: This is the production release for NetarchiveSuite based on the new Heritrix3.
  •  Java 8: NetarchiveSuite now requires java 8 to run. 

See the NetarchiveSuite 5.0 Release Notes for details, download and upgrade instructions.


Your are all very welcome to try out the RC1 and give us in the development team feedback on any broken functionality.


Have fun

The development team 


  • Improved Job priority functionality to handle an arbitrary harvester pools. See Harvest Channels for details.

  • The extended field functionality should now be working correctly. See Extended fields.


See NetarchiveSuite 4.4 Release Notes for further details

Sara has now updated the agenda to include a detailed plan for the workshop. 

Vi have now got the feedback regarding potential participants preferences for a date (Date for workshop).

We're settling on the 24-25 november. 

The initial planning of the 2011 workshop has started. The workshop is planned to take place in december at BnF.

For further details see 2011-December workshop at BnF.