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6.0 Release Date: 2020-06-12

Highlights in 6.0

This is a major release of NetarchiveSuite to mark the fact that the bundled Heritrix 3 harvester in NetarchiveSuite is now tracking changes in the community-supported version of Heritrix. While we will continue to maintain our own fork of Heritrix 3 this exists only 

  1. As a repository for our own contributions to the community-supported Heritrix, and
  2. To enable us to maintain an independent release-cycle for NetarchiveSuite's bundled Heritrix, so that we can always include the latest upstream fixes or our own unmerged contributions

NetarchiveSuite 6.0 is released with Heritrix version 3.4.0-20200518-NAS-6.0 which functionally corresponds exactly to the community-supported 3.4.0-20200518 release. See the Heritrix 3 Changelog for the many issues addressed since previous version.

NetarchiveSuite now works with Postgresql database-server up to version 11. Version 9 is also supported.

Upgrading From Previous NetarchiveSuite Releases

There are no special requirements involved in the upgrade.

Issues Resolved in Release 6.0

Key Summary Status

Most-recent updates for 6.0:
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