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  • How to install DOMS system for kulturarvs-DEVEL or on your own machine
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The quick and dirty guide to installing the different DOMS-system-components on DEVEL or for monkey-testing on your own machine.

Clean up an existing monkey-test install (if it exists)
 cd ~/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/tomcat/bin ; ./ 
 cd ~/ ; rm -r domsmonkeytest 
Install DOMS core (including Ingester)
 cd ~/ ; mkdir domsmonkeytest ; cd domsmonkeytest 
 unzip ; cd testbed-0.10.18/bin ; ./ ../../develtestbed
 cd ../../develtestbed/ingester/radio-tv-0.0.6 ; bash bin/ -h files/hotfolder1/ 

    Continue with  hotfolder2  and  hotfolder3  if you need more objects in the DOMS.

Install DigiTV

    Not needed for monkey-testing.

Install IP Rolemapper
 cd ~/domsmonkeytest ; scp fedora@alhena:/fedora/DomsReleases/iprolemapping/0.0.7/ ./ ; unzip 
 mkdir ~/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/services/conf/iprolemapper ; cp ~/domsmonkeytest/ipRoleMapping-0.0.7/data/ipRoleMappingService/ipRangesAndRoles.xml ~/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/services/conf/iprolemapper/ ;
cp ~/domsmonkeytest/ipRoleMapping-0.0.7/data/ipRoleMappingService/log4jproperties.xml ~/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/services/conf/iprolemapper/ 
 cd ~/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/ ; gedit context.xml.default 

    before </Context> insert

    <!-- IP role mapper -->
    <Parameter name="dk.statsbiblioteket.doms.iprolemapper.webservice.IPRoleMapperService.configurationFile"
               value="${user.home}/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/services/conf/iprolemapper/ipRangesAndRoles.xml" override="false"/>
    <Parameter name="dk.statsbiblioteket.doms.iprolemapper.log4jConfigurationFilePath"
               value="${user.home}/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/services/conf/iprolemapper/log4jproperties.xml" override="false"/>

    and save the file.

 cp ~/domsmonkeytest/ipRoleMapping-0.0.7/wars/iprolemapping.war ~/domsmonkeytest/develtestbed/services/webapps/ 
Install Summa backend


svn co "" summarise
cd summarise/sites/doms
DEBUG=1 bin/ -v
bin/ -v

edit config/storage_doms.xml DOMSWebserviceURL to http://localhost:7880/centralWebservice-service/central/?wsdl



Ingest + index (test = 50 records only)

DEBUG=1 bin/
DEBUG=1 bin/

Ingest + index (komplet)

DEBUG=1 bin/

Ingest + index (update)

DEBUG=1 bin/



Test front end (search for "*"): http://localhost:57308/doms/

Install Wowza with plugins


Install BES


Install Web frontend


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