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  • Unknown channels (larm-kuana-exporter)
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Two csv files, whitelistedChannels.csv and blacklistedChannels.csv, specifies the channels that we expect programs for.

Programs from whitelisted channels are exported to LARM. Programs from blacklisted channels are not.

If we receive a program from a channel which is not specified in any of the two lists, the program metadata is stored in the 'stalled' directory, and a warning is given.


If a program from an unknown channel is received

  • The channel name must be added to either the whitelist or the blacklist.
  • If added to the whitelist
    • The corresponding channelmapping must be added to 'XIPToLarm.xsl'
    • The program metadata should be moved from the 'stalled' directory to the 'larm_export' directory
  • If added to the blacklist
    • The program metadata should be removed from the 'stalled' directory
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