Released as: JWAT-Tools v0.5.5-SNAPSHOT


  • Corrected a spelling mistake in JWAT API.
  • Improved various tasks.
  • Minor changes.
  • Changed to 0.5.5-SNAPSHOT.
  • Changed the Command Line Interface.
  • Cleanup and refactoring.
  • Changed some classes to allow for different recordheader/payloadheader maximum sizes. (Temporarily set to 1024k)
  • XmlValidation now reports the same way GZip, ARC and WARc does.
  • Also includes various refactoring.
  • Generalized parallelization code partially.
  • Started on ARC/WARC extract task.
  • Refactored slighty to allow tasks to be extended beyond JWAT-Tools.
  • Added .hgignore and some handy build scripts.


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