Released as: JWAT-Tools v0.5.3-SNAPSHOT


  • Added XmlValidator(xsi:schemeLocation etc.) -x option and a simple validator plugin architecture.
  • Forget these files in the previous commit.
  • Switched from FileInputStream to RandomAccessFileInputStream. Since FileInputStream has a known skip bug.
  • Added some empty packages and moved some classes around.
  • Convert now uses the correct payload for the filedesc->metadata record. (Still missing the record line though)
  • Tried to fix the windows batch files so they can be called from anywhere.
  • Arc2Warc used the wrong warc-type for response records.
  • Changed the maven assembly plugin config to build release archives directly.
  • Moved some linux script to src/main/scripts/
  • Changed the linux scripts so they can now be called where everywhere.
  • Fixed a bug in the arc2warc converter. (Exception thrown)


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