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  • Reference system 1.5
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Released: 2015-09-01


The focus for this release is improvements to references services and bugfixing.


This is mainly a bugfix release, see detailed change log at the bottom of the page.

  • The datamodel behind the integrity service has been given an overhaul improving the scalability of the service. 
  • Integrity service page now also displays issues related to obsolete and missing checksums.
  • Audit trail service have had its collection of audit trails improved, so that it won't slow down for repositories with many audits. 
  • File exchange using HTTPS servers requiring SNI now works 

Updating from 1.4

  • The integrity service have had its datamodel overhauled, so the database needs migration. Script for doing so is bundled along with the service distribution package (integrityDB4to5Migration.sql)
  • The audit trail service have had added an additional table to its database, and therefore needs migration. Script for is bundled along with the service distribution package (auditTrailServiceDBUpdate4to5.sql)



List of issues resolved in this release

T Key P Summary

Known bugs found in this release

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