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Test the functioning of cron jobs for bitpreservation.



  • Test cronjobs for bitpreservation


None special.


Prepare Installation


cd prepared_software/
# VERSION assumes the existence of /home/devel/nas_versions/NetarchiveSuite-$
export PORT=807?

Check the the GUI is available at http://kb-test-adm-001:$PORT .

Run a Harvest

Define and run a selective harvest of, with the default order template and a once-per-week schedule.

Install Crontabs

On devel@kb-prod-udv-001, copy over the needed file:

scp projects/webarkivering/scripts/cronjobs/*.sh
ssh 'chmod 755 bin/*.sh'
ssh 'rm Bitpreservation-filestatus.jsp*'

Create the new crontab:

rm -f crontab_tmp;
echo "*/5 * * * * (source ~/.bashrc; source ~/.bash_profile; /home/devel/bin/ devel test $TESTX $PORT $MAILRECEIVERS )" >> crontab_tmp
echo "*/5 * * * * (source ~/.bashrc; source ~/.bash_profile; /home/devel/bin/ devel test $TESTX $PORT $MAILRECEIVERS )" >> crontab_tmp

Install the crontab:

scp crontab_tmp devel@kb-test-adm-001:
ssh devel@kb-test-adm-001 crontab crontab_tmp

Check Output from Cronjobs

Wait five minutes for the cronjobs to run and then look at the output:

ssh devel@kb-test-adm-001 cat ${TESTX}/ba_cron_checksums.log
ssh devel@kb-test-adm-001 cat ${TESTX}/ba_cron_missing_files.log

The output should not show any errors.

Also check the webpage${PORT}/BitPreservation/Bitpreservation-filestatus.jsp

. The date of last update should correspond to when the cronjobs were last run.

Disable the Cronjobs

ssh devel@kb-test-adm-001 'rm -f crontab_tmp; touch crontab_tmp; crontab crontab_tmp'

Close Down the Test


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