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  • Release Test for LDE v1.0.5
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This test is designed to ensure that we can export all the previously-rejected (and new) TV programs. 

  1. Create dumps of current prod data for both BTA and LDE.
    1. On develro@phoebe run 

      pg_dump -h phoebe -U bta-ro -f bta.dump.txt --data-only bta-prod
      p: hwSvaL1e
      ##pg_dump --data-only -h phoebe -U lde-ro -f lde.dump.txt lde-prod
      pg_dump -F custom -h phoebe -U lde-ro -f lde.dump.custom lde-prod
      p: 7WVEBTTfIvuh
    2. Copy the files over to the test server via your home machine:

      scp develro@phoebe:*dump* .
      scp *dump* bta@iapetus:
    3. On bta@iapetus, delete contents of the two databases and restore from the dumps. 

      [bta@iapetus ~]$ psql -d bta-devel
      delete from broadcasttranscodingrecord ;
      delete from programmediainfo ;
      delete from reklamefilmtranscodingrecord ;
      DELETE FROM thumbnailextractionrecord ;
      [bta@iapetus ~]$ psql -d bta-devel -f bta.dump.txt 
      [bta@iapetus ~]$ psql -d larm-doms-exporter-devel -U larmde -h iapetus -W
      p: LVf0lLbb
      larm-doms-exporter-devel=> delete from domsexportrecord ;
      [bta@iapetus ~]$ pg_restore -d larm-doms-exporter-devel -U larmde -h iapetus --data-only -W  lde.dump.custom
      p: LVf0lLbb  
  2. Install LDE on lde@iapetus

  3. Set REJECTED exports to PENDING 

    larm-doms-exporter-devel=> update domsexportrecord set state='PENDING' where state='REJECTED';
  4. Run the producer.
  5. Get new programs by running the consumer.
  6. Run the producer again.




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