One of the first tings you should consider when establishing a new project is where the different kinds of project information should go considering the project tools available.

Here is a possible information model based on the SBForge tools.


All project information should go here, unless specifically mentioned in the other medias below.

Forces to consider

  • Easy to write information
  • No predefined model meaning you can structure your wiki documentation as you like
  • History on all changes
  • Lot's of information composition through macros.
  • Loosely coupled to source code: This means application related information should be maintained in tools more closely bound to the source code. Examples of such tool are Javadoc, Maven site, Fisheye.
  • No version control: The wiki documentation is not directly versioned as part of the normal SCM work.
  • No model: As a wiki (normally) has no understanding of relations between different kinds of documentation, all links between information elements needs to be maintained manually. A example of information which is difficult to efficiently maintain in a wiki is issue/task related information, because of the rich data model underlying a issue model. Here a real issue tracker should be used, like JIRA.


Information regarding thing to do, things being done and things which has been done. This would be tasks,

Maven site

Java doc

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