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The Surveillance interface to the batch receiving process

A graphical web interface to show the current state for each batch. Wireframe

   Suggested solution:

  •   Each batch is represented as a row in a table
  • Each column represents an autonomous component, and the cell shows if this component have completed it's work on the batch
  • Each cell in the table is a simple lamp, that shows if the taks have been completed. Pressing the lamp will fetch more information.
  • The web interface integrates with MF PAK to get states from batches before and after digitisation
  • This interface could possibly be used to approve or reject a batch


The web interface will get its data from a single RESTful web service. This web service is an API against the collection of batches of microfilms. The base URI is http://<server name>/batches. This API only supports the JSON internet media type.


request response

JSON list of {"batch-id": <id>, "events": {"event-id": <event id>, "succes": <boolean result of the event>}}

batches/{id} {"batch-id": <id>, "events": {"event-id": <event id>, "succes": <boolean result of the event>}}
batches/{id}/{event id} 

{"batch-id": <bid>, "event-id": <eid>, "success": <boolean result of the event>}

All three URIs can have a details parameter which has the default value of false. When details is true each of the above requests will return a detailed response. The content of this detail is to be decided.

The RESTful web service agregates information from several components of which three is known: The Newspaper Mfpak Integration, the SBOI, and the component for generating dissemination copies. The web service is integrated with these component using a Java interface.

code base

The surveillance interface is split into two Maven modules, one containing the web service and one containing a web site for testing and developing. These two modules will be deployed as a single WAR file. It will be possible and recommended to create a new WAR containing a real web application using the RESTful web service.


Testing and Deployment

Link to jenkins project

Release Test

Description of how to deploy this thing


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