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  1. Producer will add program to LDE as PENDING also when broadcasstarttime is null


  1. Added two nodes to CHAOS_envelope_template.xml; i.e. MajorGenre og MinorGenre containing values of hovedgenre and undergenre respectively, retrieved from pbcore
  2. Changed ftp server configuration
  3. Added chaos_channelmapping_configfile property to ProducerApplication


  1. Using Java8 (instead of Java6)
  2. Updated code to also export TV programs
  3. Mapping of SB channel_name to CHAOS display name is now placed in configuration xml file


  1. Added two new behavioural configuration parameters:

    # The following two parameters are set following consultation with the external partners at It is
    # unlikely that they will need to be changed in the future.
    # The correct values for these (as at 2014-06-18) are "90" and the empty string.
  2. Amended code to allow input parameters to be set to the empty string without triggering an exception.
  3. Updated ftp upload script from .


Bugfix release. The config parameters controlling the initial export have been simplified and the documentation improved. There is now also a parameter to limit the number of exported files per run. For documentation, see the included file or the github version at .

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


This is the first version actually mature enough to be a release candidate.

In this version the behaviour properties file looks like


Both seedTimestamp and earliestExportBroadcastTimestamp should be set values corresponding to 2012-03-01 (as above). inProductionTimestamp should be set to a value corresponding to the date when LDE is first set in production.

The other configuration files are as described below for version 1.0. The properties for the geckon ftp server are available via email from the developer.

There are now three application which should be run in order:

A daily run of each is probably fine.


The larm-doms-exporter (LDE) consists of a pair of command-line applications that generates a collection of xml files for export to the LARM/CHAOS platform. Each xml file represents a radio program in DOMS which has already been transcoded by BTA. LDE maintains its own persistent database to record which programs have been exported with which timestamps. In addition, it reads information from the BTA database. The deployment is structured as follows:

|-- bin
|   |--
|   `--
|-- config
|   |-- hibernate.cfg.bta.xml
|   |-- hibernate.cfg.lde.xml
|   |--
|   |--
|   |-- logback.consumer.xml
|   `-- logback.producer.xml
`-- lib
    |-- antlr-2.7.6.jar
    |-- broadcast-transcoder-persistence-0.3.0.jar
    |-- c3p0-0.9.1.jar
    |-- centralWebservice-interface-0.0.23.jar
    |-- jta-1.1.jar
    |-- larm-doms-exporter-1.0.jar
    |-- log4j-1.2.16.jar
    |-- xpp3_min-
    `-- xstream-1.2.2.jar

The script is executed to feed the database with new information from the BTA database, and then the script is executed to generate the XML output.

The configuration is relatively straightforward. The two hibernate configuration files contain the credentials for connecting to the two databases. The connection the BTA database may be (and ideally should be) read-only.

The infrastructure configuration file contains credentials for reading from DOMS (read-only) and the location of the output directory.

The only real subtlety is the initialisation parameter seedTimestamp in the behavioural configuration file. This parameter is interpreted such that any objects in DOMS with a last-updated timestamp prior to this are assumed to be already exported with this timestamp. 




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