Released 2013-02-11.


ARC package
The ArcReader was rewritten leaving to code unturned

Version header in a Version block record now treated as a payload header, exactly like a HTTP header for ARC records.

Much of the ARC code was also restructured for this release.

Unit testing of the remaining ARC classes
Added unit tests so all classes are now covered.
ArcWriter usable
The ARC writer is now working.
ArcFile detection improved with an ArcRecord detection
Only checking for "filedesc:" in the beginning of an ARC file was not lenient enough, so methods for checking for a valid scheme at the beginning of a stream was added.
WARC package
WarcProfile now treated as an URI and not a string

The WARC code was reviewed and minor improvements where made.

Common package
Custom URI implementation added including profiles
A custom URI implementation was added due to the fact that many URIs used on the web are not valid according to the RFC. UriProfiles were added to allow for different levels of URIs leniency.
Full list of issues resolved in this release.

T Key P Summary

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