Radio/tv DOMS migrations

Fixing FFprobe data

Some of the ffprobe-data contain errors. The following bash magic fixes the errors we've encountered so far:

fixing FFprobe data
find . -name \*.stdout | xargs -Ił xmllint --noout ł 2>&1 | grep ^\\./ | cut -d':' -f1 | sort -u > broken-files
for file in $(grep \_plutre\.mp4\.stdout$ broken-files); do sed -i -e 's/\d012//g' $file $(dirname $file)/$(basename $file .stdout).stderr; done
for file in $(grep \.\/mux broken-files); do echo "</ffprobe:ffprobe>" >> $file; done
xargs -Ił xmllint --noout ł 2>&1 < broken-files | grep ^\\./ | cut -d':' -f1 | sort -u > broken-files-remaining

xmllint is used to find faulty files (line 1), and the files typically have two types of errors: Files containing line-feeds (^L) (line 2) and files missing the ffprobe:ffprobe-end-tag (line 3). Line 4 is equivalent to line 1, and should result in an empty file. If broken-files-remaining is non-empty, somebody should probably have a look at the offending files.

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