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Extended Fields are used to define individual fields for several entities. Currently extened fields are implemented for domains and harvest definitions.
These Fields can be used inside of the modify dialogs.


  • Before individual fields can be generated an extended field has to be generated first.
  • To create a new field use "Extended Fields" in the Definitionsmenu.
  • Currently you can create extended fields for domains or harvestdefinitions
  • Click on the "create extended field"-Link under the enity desired
  • In the following "Edit Extend Field"-Dialog enter a name for this field. This field must not be empty.
    You also can define the following datatype for a field: String, Boolean, Number, Timestamp, Note, Selection. String is the default value.
    Each field can be filled out with a default value. It is also possible to define that a field is a mandatory field. Finally you can assign a sequence number for it. This number will be used for displaying the fields in desired order.