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  • Netarkivet: TLR

    Second broad crawl 2012 (NR 15) was finished primo july.
    Third broad crwawl 2012 (NR 16) was started this morning August  August the 14th using 3.18.3. 1. step is allmost finished.
    Version 3.20.* is currently tested accepttested and we are preparing for production medio october. We have found 2 issues, which Søren is looking into.
    Our Wayback is now indexed up to July 2012 and I'm preparing/testing automatic indexing in production.
    Thanks to Jon and his son we have downloaded thousands of youtube videos the last month.

    We have during the summer 2 productions issues without big impact on the system:

    1) SB SAN pillar was down one day without affecting any harvesting because the KB site was running and all harvesters on SB was inpendent servers with own disk storage.
    2) We lost 1 day of harvesting caused by no process resources on our admin server. We are still investigating the logs for futher explanations. 

    2 3 questions for BNF:

    1) Can you show "Show comments" for harvested sites?
    2) If you harvest youtube and download videos, how do you link the youtube "metadata" page with the actual video URL?
    3) Which progresql version are you using in production - 8.4?

  • Netarkivet: SAS (for a month ago)