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Comment: webdav links and correct docker command


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docker run -i -t --rm -e 'ACTIVEMQ_MIN_MEMORY=512' -e 'ACTIVEMQ_MAX_MEMORY=2048' -p 61616:61616  webcenter/activemq:5.12.0 /opt/activemq/bin/activemq console



Per design the bitrepository uses a webdav server for file transfer. The quickstart configuration assumes that a webdav server is available on http://localhost/dav/.


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docker run -it -v /some/local/folder/dav:/site/dav -p 80:80 --userns=host -ue uid=$(id -u): -e gid=$(id -g) blekinge/apache_webdav


The docker image in question is

The source for this image is at

Runtime requirements

To run the quickstart a few system requirements must be in place.


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./ stop