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The first part of our 2022 Elections harvest, launched last January, is about to end. The second part of the crawl concerns the legislative elections and will begin on May, 16. On this occasion, 16 public libraries all over France are also taking part in the selection process.
Moreover our next Instagram harvest that is going to be launched this week is also dedicated to the 2022 presidential elections. Nearly 60 accounts will be crawled.
Finally, to celebrate 20 years of harvests about French elections, we have put online a new homepage of the "Archives de l’internet".

This week we are also going to launch our first TikTok crawl. This new harvest follows an internal workshop that took place last March.
This crawl will also be on the theme of the presidential elections in France. We plan to collect about 50 accounts and 50 tags.

At the end of April, a new virtual guided tour has been published on the theme of biography on the web. It proposes to discover through 9 themes the different forms that biography can take on the internet.

The annual harvest is still ongoing and will continue until the middle of May.




  • Last month, we launched the massive crawl of periodicals in free access for 3rd consecutive year . We have harvested more than 12.000 websites that hosted electronic serials.
  • We have worked with our regional collaborators on a new event collection for the regional election in Andalusia.
  • At the beginning of May, we have started our .es domain annual broad crawl, arround 2.000.000 domains and it is going to end in 25 days



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