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Description of the design of the reference Java system developed as part of the project.

Reference architecture

The reference implementation of the system is shown on the right. The setup shown here includes:

  • Concrete Specific pillars: The  Pillar currently planned for the system.
  • Infrastructure: The central infrastructure used in the  Coordination Layer.
  • Reference service: The Services running in the system for monitoring and aggregation information. In case of the integrity service write operation are also available in case of corrupt files needing to be restored. The interface to the services will proberly be be message bus based, similar to the general protocol. Note that reference services are build on the same reference libs show in the endpoint client, but are now show.
  • Enduser End-user client: A typical client used by the enduserend-user. The reference libs can be used here for accessing the different functionalities in the system.
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