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  • In the GUI, got BitPreservation -> Batchjob Overview
  • Select "Checksum Job" and "Both" and click "Execute batchjob" button
  • Return to the Batchjob Overview. The job has probably already completed. Otherwise just refresh the page until it is done.
  • Download the output file and the error file.
  • The output file should look like

    Code Block
  • and the error file should look like

    Code Block
    Starting batchjob 'ChecksumJob' at time '1376383883971' on replica 'KB' with pattern '1-.*'.
    Successfully finished BatchJob 'ChecksumJob' on 1 files.
    BatchJob 'ChecksumJob' has failed on '0' files and has gotten '0' exceptions.
    Number of exceptions: 0