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Anders Klindt Myrvoll Colin Rosenthal TLR/TUE review/status 2021

Look at it in 2022

Overall NAS can run as is if JMS broker can run under RHEL 8 (as we suspect it will). 


  • The code is still a mess even though it has been converted from an ant to a maven project.

  • The Harvester-core module is just a trashcan location for anything remotely harvester related.
  • Unit tests are separated into their own modules making code coverage close to impossible.

  • Impractical to use 1-2 weeks of running test cases which should be covered much better by unit testing. (every time anything major is released)

  • Registering/deregistering JMS listeners just seems wrong and it is surprising it has worked so far. Nothing in the JMS specifiction suggests that this is even a good idea.