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Released 2012-07-01.

Table of Contents


Common package
Unit tests cover almost everything now.

All classes should now be covered by unit test, exception for never occurring exception etc.

GZip package
Fixed a bug in the GZip OutputStream wrapper.

Using the write(b, off, len) would not write the correct data when off > 0.

WARC package

The WARC package is now almost completely unit test covered.

WARC Writer implemented using state.

All the write method will check to see if there are in the correct state. This should make it impossible to write payload before a header ans so on.

WARC Writer states unit tested.

All the methods and state are unit tested to ensure they work as intended.

WARC Writer checks if the amount of written payload matches the content-length header.

The writer add an error when it detects a mismatch and can also throw an exception if configure to.

WARC Record Header unit tested.

The remaining WARC header code should now be unit test covered, so now all of the WARC header code should be tested.

Added datatyped addHeader methods.

Added datatyped method so it is possible to add Integer, Long, WarcDigest, ContentType, Date, InetAddress and URI objects directly.

All WARC addHeader methods are covered by unittests.

Unit tests are performed using string and object to test the addHeader methods work as intended.

ARC package
Partial ARC writer based on the WARC writer implementation.

The ARC Writer and Factory classes were copied from the WARC implementation. It should be a fairly trivial task to complete it.

Full list of issues resolved in this release.

Jira Issues

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