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Last week, we launched our "Auction house" crawl. The aim of this harvest is to crawl French auction houses websites and to archive information concerning current auction sales and auction results. This harvest is the result of a collaboration between the National Institute for Art History (INHA) and the BnF. About 200 websites have been selected.

Two weeks ago, we also launched two crawls, the first one is about Social movements and the theme of the second one concerns solidarity. There are respectively 977 and 476 selected websites.

During the summer, we will also realize a harvest about the Olympic and Paralympic Games, that will take place in Tokyo.

And finally, we began to prepare our next broad crawl. It will be our 17th broad crawl and it will be launched in October 2021.




  • 1rst July We have started our annual broad crawl of domain .es, we are using a new user agent: userAgentTemplate=Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bne.es_bot; @OPERATOR_CONTACT_URL@) Firefox/57 the same we use for social networks
  • Last week we reactivate an event crawls about “LGTB pride”
  • Our Coronavirus collection reached 6000 thousand seeds, more 90 TB of information about the pandemic