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+ tooltips on the monitoring dashboard.

KB.DK: We are in the process of establishing our new production backend and expect to be ready to start installing NetarchiveSuite within a couple of weeks. We have made a number of minor improvements and bugfixes to our new backend functionality, but these are likely only of interest to ourselves. However this does mean that we will be making a 7.1 release very soon so please get your pull-requests in now!

7.1 will also feature some additional heritrix functionality which we pulled in directly from BL to our own Heritrix fork. Subesequently (and largely due to our queries about the subject) these additional features were also added to the community build of heritrix. But in the meantime our version had already diverged from the BL version. So we may not be able to make a smooth merge with the very latest community version in time for 7.1. But we can cherry pick anything essential such as the proposed revisit fix, or these can be made as pull requests to .

The new functionality we have grabbed from BL is:

  1. sitemap extraction. Two extractors. One to grab sitemaps from robots.txt and one to parse them
  2. json extraction: One extractor to find url's in Json files

Status of the production sites