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InputStream / StringReader

  • ByteCountingInputStream: An extended InputStream modified to keep track of the number of consumed bytes.
  • ByteCountingPushBackInputStream:
  • CharCountingStringReader:
  • DigestInputStreamNoSkip:
  • FixedLengthInputStream:
  • MaxLengthRecordingInputStream:
  • An extended Pushback Inputstream which also keeps track of the actual number of consumed bytes.
  • DigestInputStreamNoSkip: An extended DigestInputStream which overrides the skip method to perform reads.
  • FixedLengthInputStream: An InputStream wrapper with a fixed amount of data available, which must be consumed by either reading/skipping it, or ultimately be skipped when it is closed, if data is still available.
  • MaxLengthRecordingInputStream: An Inputstream wrapper which can only consumed a maximum amount of data which in turn is recorded internally and available as a byte array afterwards.
  • CharCountingStringReader: A StringReader that uses a String as Input and also keeps track of the number of consumed chars.

Common header and payload classes used by both ARC and WARC