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The Bitpreservation interface lets you control active checks of the status of the underlying bitarchive. This only applies if your installation uses the NetarchiveSuite bitarchive application.

The interfaces lets you initiate two types of checks on every copy of the files in the archive: Filestatus and Checksum status.

In the example on the screen dump there are more bitarchive instances – e.g. SBN and KBN.

The Update buttons let you update the status for both files and checksums for both bitarchive instances. The page will give you the Filestatus as

  • Number of files
  • Missing files
  • Last updated a
    and the Checksum status as
  • Number of files with error
  • Last updated at
    The Filestatus checks are rather fast because only the existence of the files are checked whereas the Checksum status checks can take days/weeks for larger archives depending on the number of CPUs and the IO-speed of your hard drives.

Missing Files

If files are missing on one instance of the bitarchive a *Show missing files'''] button will appear right next to the line with the number of missing files

For each missing file you can select “Get info”. With the “Change the infobox for”-field in the bottom of the screen you can select a number of files in one operation.

Pressing *Execute'''] makes the system get a fresh status on the files and their checksums from both copies (out of which one is missing) and from the administrative system so that there are always three checksums available for each file.

If the two “remaining” checksums (On the screen dump 32 byte long) are identical the system allows you to add the missing file to the bitarchive instance that had lost it.

This requires you to click “'''''Add to archive'''” and then press *Execute''']. Marking files for addition can be done for a number of files in one operation.

Checksum Errors

Wiki Markup

In case of a checksum error this error can be corrected through the interface.
To replace a bad file you need to type a security password and press Replace the file in bitarchive replica XX. The bad file will not be completely removed but moved to an 'attic' directory on the bitarchive server holding the bad file.