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HTTPS as the underlying protocol


All communication *may* be encrypted by server and client certificates (remember that the pillar is the HTTP client). In that case authenticity is guarantedguaranteed. Unencrypted transfers may have their uses, though - ie. transferring data for presentation systems or simple harvesting of collections.


Partial transfers are supported through the HTTP "Range" header. Using this feature may be desirable when only some segment of a file is needed - ie for streaming video - or for dividing the transfer of large files into more manageable chunks.


Gliffy Diagram
nameData Exchange within message flow


At first it may seem contradictory that messaging is initiated by the clients, while data transfers are initiated by a pillar. On the network layer, however, the pillar will always be the initiator of communications, not the target, as connections between pillar and queueing and queuing system are also initiated by the pillerpillar.