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  • Note that these commands do the release without running tests locally. As long as Jenkins is green, this is a A VERY GOOD IDEA as you don't want to have to clean up after a release that screws up part-way-through
  • Now checkout the tagged release version in git and build the javadoc with 

    Code Block
     mvn -DskipTests clean javadoc:javadocaggregate

    this will build the full javadoc in the subdirectory target/site. 

  • Copy the javadoc to the Webdav server at under a new folder corresponding to the version. Note that the uploading can take a while as each file is uploaded individually.
  • There are many possible ways to do the upload to the server. Here is one
    • Install davfs2

    • Code Block
      cd target/site
      mkdir dav
      sudo mount -t davfs dav
      sudo cp -r apidocs dav/<<Version Number>>

  • Add the new release to the Releases and downloads page. The released zip should be located in the SBForge Nexus releases repo.
  • Finish the release notes for the release.
  • Release of wiki documentation
  • Add to News on wiki
  • Send email to netarchivesuite-announce including major features and link to release notes.