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  • Ensure all committed code since last release is reviewed. Simply go through each commit, and check in the review table that this commit is reviewed.
  • Ensure all bugs since last release have been evaluated not to block release. Simply go through each bug and check if it has been evaluated.
  • Ensure all fixed issues for the release can be set to status Ready for release test
  • Update dk.netarkivet.common.Constants.BUILDSTATUS to CODEFREEZE.
  • Commit file and push file to Github.
  • Send mail to netarchivesuite-users mailing list about state of code. The mail should contain guidelines to what is allowed and expected during code freeze, and a brief list of important features of the upcoming release.


See Release Test Procedure.

Phase 3. Actual release

  • Update dk.netarkivet.common.Constants.BUILDSTATUS to RELEASE.
  • Commit the file and push to Github.

  • Check that the build is green on Jenkins.
  • Check the local code builds and can be deployed. 

    Code Block
    mvn clean javadoc:javadoc deploy
  • Create the release.


Phase 4. End of codefreeze

  • Update dk.netarkivet.common.Constants.PATCHVERSION version number with one minor version
  • Modify pom version if not done so correctly by 'mvn release:perform'.
  • Commit and push file.
  • Send end-of-codefreeze mail to netarchivesuite-devel.