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  • Previous 6.0 Release Test
  • The Netarkivet devel system is  documented at (DK developers only)
  • Bitmagasin GUI:
  • Release test status: Started
  • NetarchiveSuite 7.0 Release Notes: NetarchiveSuite 7.0 Release Notes
  • Prepare Release Test Process
    • Run the tests (with proper definitions of TESTX, PORT and MAILRECEIVERS) as follows:

      Code Block
      export VERSION=7.0-RC2
      export H3ZIP=$VERSION
      export TESTX=???
      export PORT=807?
      export DEPLOYCONF=default_deploy_config.xml
      ## OR
      ## export DEPLOYCONF=deploy_config_bitmag.xml

      (It is easiest just to copy these commands to a file on and source the file to start a clean test instance.)

      ViewerProxy Setup

      ViewerProxy is an older part of NetarchiveSuite which can be used for Quality Assurance of http sites (but not https). It is also used within NAS GUI to access files and metadata records. To use ViewerProxy you need to follow two steps

      • Port forward via to the ViewerProxy instance on You can do this by running the following command on 

        Code Block
        ssh -g -N -L$$PORT

      • Set your browser to use as a web proxy for http. You should set as an exception to the proxy rule so that you can still browse the NetarchiveSuite GUI and also so you can still browse in this test description.

        Revision-TagCommitReason for Rejection
        7.0-RC14ab01eBitmag paths were still hard-coded in the start scripts prepared by the deploy application
        7.0-RC2e22863fFileNameHarvester (WaybackIndexer) doesn't reconnect if bitmag is down
        7.0-RC3191b3f4(Not rejected but new functionality added to stress-test code)


Check that the Unit Test Suite and System Test for both Bitmag and ArcRepository deployments are all green.