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  • Relocating to a SBForge repository

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Documentation on how to switch repository location on the svn client, when a repository is relocated to SBForge.

You can switch the location of the remote svn repository used from a client with Subversions switch relocate option. Here are the guidelines for doing this from different clients (Remember to backup your local svn directory, if the switchshould fail):

  • Commandline:
    Goto the root directory of your project and execute the following command.
    Code Block
    svn switch --relocate$PROJECT_NAME/trunk$PROJECT_NAME/trunk
  • Eclipse:
    1. Goto the 'Window -> SVN Repositories' view.
    2. Right click the relevant repository and select 'Relocate'.
    3. Enter the SBForge svn repo url,$PROJECT_NAME
    4. Click ok.

Alternativly you can make a fresh svn checkout from the SBForge repository.

Good luck.