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Here you can find tips and tricks on how to plan future releases and iterations in JIRA.

Planning board

The SBForge JIRA includes the Greenhopper functionality, which provides a nice way of planning via a card based planning board.

Issue navigator

If a sufficient operational backlog is available (see Backlog grooming) a filtered view of the backlog can be applied, which can be used to run through the candidates for the JIRA version, which needs to be loaded. Relevant filtering options could be:

  • Sort by priority.
  • Select a version to load from or unscheduled if no relevant backlog version exists.
  • Setting the 'Organization' field to the relevant value in the filter. This requires that this field has been defined for the issues in the backlog.
  • Selecting a subset of components which are are more relevant.

You can cycle through the list of issues in a navigator view be selecting the first issue and using the up/down aroows in the top right corner in the appearing issue. The version workload report can here be used to determine if the version has been loaded sufficiently.

Version workload report

JIRA's version workload report can be used to get a overview of the current load of a JIRA version, in particular if the issues have been estimated .