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Status of the production sites




When Denmark closed down on 12/13 March, we turned up our event crawl on the Coronavirus Covid-19 in Denmark.

Actually, this event crawl started on 26 January, when the newspaper Jyllandsposten published a cartoon showing the Chinese flag with golden Coronavirus instead of the stars.

When all public institutions and the Danish borders closed, we intensified our event crawl from our home offices. We try to get as much as possible concerning Covid-19 and Denmark. We focus on social media as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Imgur, Soundcloud, Pinterest, as well as podcasts and international news media reaction on how Denmark handles the Corona pandemic.

We reached out to colleages outside the Netarchive team for help and we asked the public for help via a press release and a link to a nomination form on (and, of course). Asking the public for help is part of a cooperation between several cultural institution on a broad documentation of the Coronavirus pandemic in Denmark.

We started step 2 of our first broad crawl for 2020 with a byte limit of 16 GB/domain. Simultaneously we started the selective crawl of ultra-big sites