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  • We are preparing the start of our next broad crawl Mid-March. We are awaiting Heritrix IIPC-release with the last of our pull requests.
  • The library’s executive board wants to keep only one online copy of Netarkivet due to costs for online copies (at the moment we have two, one in Aarhus and one in Copenhagen).
    A steering committee, project group and IT-developers are working on whether and how we can achieve one online platform for Netarkivet with the same services and performance – and still with the right level of security in terms of preservation.
  • A shitstorm provoked by a commercial for SAS (Scandinavian Airlines - claiming that everything typical Scandinavian was stolen from other nationalities, showed, that we have to react very quickly. We run a kind of mini event harvest focusing on the reactions on Twitter and Facebook
  • We reopened our discussion on how to use BCWeb by looking back to our experiences with some pilot projects. We might enter into agreements with researchers our other dedicated persons who could use BCWeb for small thematic collections, especially content outside .dk.
  • We decided to welcome a French student for about three month in autumn. We will probably invite him to a video conference soon to talk about the tasks he could work on for Netarkivet.







We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Spanish Web Archive. We organized a conference where we had the opportunity to share experiences with other colleagues.

New collections:

  • We are working now in two event crawls about the elections in two regions: the Basque Country and Galicia
  • We want to launch a new collection about feminism this month

Serials broad crawl: We were preparing a list of serials urls in free access. They are almost 8,000 and we launch a kind of broad crawl to harvest them.



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