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Broad crawl

We postpone our first broad crawl for 2020 for having time to “clean up” after the last broad crawl for 2019 and for having time for a rigorous preparation of the next crawl.

Event crawl?

We almost were getting a new “Cartoon Crisis”, as a cartoonist from Jyllandsposten designed a Chinese flag with Corona virus instead of yellow stars. We kept an eye on what would happen and finally we decided, that we could do with a special crawl on foreign media reactions, just to supply our regular selective news media crawls.


We have big trouble with the performance of our replay tools

  • Viewerproxy: no https support
  • Citrix Wayback: much to slow
  • Open Wayback: an upgrade to IIPC’s new 2.4 release might help
  • Blacklight (full text search): not all of the facets are applicable

Hopefully we soon will get developer help to implement SolR Wayback.

We are finalizing a new application form for access to Netarchive. At the same time we work on a new modernized procedure for access, not least in consideration of GDPR







Event crawl

Finally, we have a new Government, so we finished our event crawl of Spanish Government elections.

We are planning to create a new event crawl of videogames this year

Broad crawl

We are going to launch this month a “massive” crawl of periodicals in free access. We want to harvest more than 10,000 websites that hosted electronic serials.

NAS and BCWeb

We downloaded BCWeb version 6.1, we made all the changes that we did in our last version, and now, we want to install it in a test environment to see if everything works ok.

We solved part of the problem that we had with de indexation of NAS. We can see the captures since January 2020, although we still can’t access to the captures of 2019

10 years of Spanish Web Archive

Febrary 20, it will take place a conference to celebrate 10 years of Spanish Web Archive. We will review the state of the art of different web archives in the world, the challenge of its long-term preservation, as well as the use that researchers can give to this set of information.



Next meetings