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Because of a political decision to change the terms of conditions, a broadcast station (radio 24/syv) had decided to close down on 31 October. The announcement of the popular broadcast station to be closed raised a storm of reactions in the social media. People asked whether KB DK was going to keep this broadcasting station’s archive. We tried to capture as much podcasts as possible with umbra. As to the QA of the harvested content, we had to wait for the generation of an index (there was a long queue in the index generator), which was not ready before 4 November.

As Yahoo Groups are going to close down, too, we crawled Danish Yahoo Groups in the last couple of days.

The fourth broad crawl for 2019 is in preparation: there will be a step 1 with a domain limit of 50 MB and a step 2 with a domain limit of 16 GB. Together with this broad crawl we will run the following selective crawls: Research databases, Municipalities and regions, Ministries and Government Agencies, YouTube
We will crawl with NAS 5.5 and expect step 1 to last about 2 weeks, step 2 about 6-8 weeks.

Other projects keeping us busy:
• Work on risk assessment
• Implementation of SolR Wayback
• Consolidation of BCWeb (build up a community)
• Revision of collection strategies
• Capture of content behind paywalls – the never ending story