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We are currently running the first stage of our yearly domain crawl. We are in the last third of that stage. After exchange our hardware (old PCs with weaker CPU but more RAM), we are still experiencing the Problem, but not very often.

This year we also plan to do a second stage, which was not possible last year due to our limits of storage. To make this possible for every year we need to negotiate to get more storage. In preparation for our yearly budget discussion we were collecting information about the last domain crawl in Denmark (Number .dk is similiar to .at). Thanks to Tue, who was providing us these information, which can hopefully help us the get more storage in future.



We closed two of our event crawls: European Parliament elections and local elections. We still working in Spanish Government elections collection because the political situation is complicated and the government has not yet been formed.

It seems that we already have a date for our annual broad crawl. It will be carried out this mounth.

We are working on a pilot project with another national institution specialized in big data to index and allow full-text search in our archive. We will tell you any update concerning to this.

We are organizing a conference about the preservation of the Web archive that it will take place on November 29, the World Digital Preservation Day. Thereby, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Spanish Web Archive.

Last but not least, this week two new librarians will join the team.



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