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  • We are now doing the last preparation for our Domain Crawl, which we will start in a few days
  • We are still running our Event-Crawl about our government crises and EU Parlament Elections and start to preparing the crawls for the elections in autumn
  • Last month Webarchiv Austria was invited at the ONB Labs Symposium, the official start of our Libary Labs project. We were doing a presentation about automated tracking of changes in website content with help of the Webarchive Austria. Link to the presentation:


  • We are working in our three event crawl: European Parliament elections, local elections and Spanish Government elections that are still running. We have had a great collaboration from the different regions in the local elections, and we nominate over 3.700 sites.
  • We still don’t know when we are going to launch our broad crawl but it will probably be in September



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