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Delete File Communication uses the general communication pattern with an IdentifyPillarsForDelete and a Delete Primitive.

The xsd's for the different messages can be found here.

Communication Pattern

  • Client sends IdentifyPillarsForDeleteFileRequest message with FileID, and all pillars which have files for the bit repository collection reply with IdentifyPillarsForDeleteFileResponse messages
  • Client sends DeleteFileRequest messages with FileID to the relevant identified pillars and the pillars can reply with DeleteFileProgressResponse
  • Data will now be deleted on the specified pillars and DeleteFileFinalResponse messages sent (note that the SLA will probably specify a 'roll-back-period' during which the data will be in an 'under deletion state' and a roll/back can be done manually)

Note that delete can either be of

  • all copies of the file
  • or a copy on a specific pillar

The difference is made in the choice of which pillars to send the DeleteFileRequest

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