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Description of the the XML base basic message structure and format.


  • CorrelationID: Identifies the Conversation this message is part of. The correlationID should be unique for a give given collection. This can be approximated by assigning an UUID as correlationID to the first message in a conversation an UUID as correlationID.
  • CollectionID: Identifies the Collection this message is used in.
  • To: Identifies the Destination which is used to send this message.
  • From: Identifies the Destination any replies will be received on.


  • BitRepositoryElements (xsd elements, groups and types) - which includes the definition of general elements for messages, e.g. DataID.
  • BitRepositoryMessages - which includes all messages that can be accepted on by the message broker. This includes the Message, MesssageRequest and MessageResponse super types.
  • BitRepositoryData - which includes xml for data which can be passed as part of a message or via the file exchange protocol.